Terms and Conditions

for the products and services PowerTraxx Zeitsprung GmbH & Co. KG, Maximiliansplatz 24, 95643 Tirschenreuth


PowerTraxx is a web-based portal for processing GPS records as they are now common in many sports. The goal of PowerTraxx is to save sports activities of the users, to analyze and process them in an attractive presentation, thus encouraging the user in this way fun and motivation as well as a responsible use of the resources of his own body. The store personal data on the Internet as well as linking with results of selected under PowerTraxx Circle of Friends leads to a number of legal conditions will be discussed, in addition to a number of other factors under these Terms and Conditions.

The accomplishment of any type of training is always connected in addition to the well-known positive aspects of well-being and health also at risk: The fuses required by a medical certificate in which the suitability is to certify for appropriate sports, is the responsibility of the user - the Zeitsprung (developers of PowerTraxx) assumes no responsibility for personal injury or consequences that are during a training exercise, which is carried out in any way connected with PowerTraxx happens. The user agrees to consent to these terms and conditions to accept sole responsibility for his training.


The use of PowerTraxx without prior registration is not possible. By registering, the user acknowledges knowledge and recognition of these Terms, any use beyond your agreement to these terms and conditions is expressly prohibited. It is also prohibited to register during the registration other than the real name - this is the prerequisite for friend requests at no fictitious identities can be offered.

Registration allows different subscription models basic and premium. Registration may be done only once per user. The registration of minors requires the written consent of the parent or legal guardian who must be sent in advance to info@powertraxx.de. Another variant of the Registrerung is possible via the registry of Facebook - applies here: By registering the Terms are recognized. Zeitsprung explicitly refers to costs incurred during the booking fee subscriptions with corresponding maturities. Subscriptions are entered into for the corresponding period in advance and are not automatically renewed by the time jump. 14 days before the expiration of a subscription, the user is notified in advance of an allegation that their subscriptions expire. If the subscription is not renewed by the user, his account can be deleted from the time jump. There is neither a claim to already stored data, nor can the users expect that after inclusion of a new subscriptions at a later time, the data of his deleted account can be reused. If a subscription is not renewed continuously by the user, the access to old data from a closed account is no longer possible. The cost of kosenpflichtigen subscriptions may be amended from time jump at any time. In the context of actions different rates may be fixed. The user of a normal subscription has no right to claim the benefit of a (temporary) Abso for themselves. A subscription may be terminated by the user at any time. This notice shall be given in writing, after which the account will be closed immediately. Without explicit termination, the subscription can be concluded that with the passage of an already pay subscriptions, no further Vrelängerung more is commissioned.


The conclusion of a subscription, the consumer can withdraw within 14 days without giving a reason. In this case, the time jump already paid cost of service the user has to be paid back. Repayment shall be held innerhlab 30 days.

subject of the agreement

Terms and conditions for all users

By agreeing to these terms and conditions of the time jump is allowed to send to users of PowerTraxx regular newsletter on this topic environment. The user may unsubscribe from this newsletter by clicking on an unsubscribe link at any time. He will not receive any further newsletters. In blatant abuse of a user account, the time jump is authorized to delete this account at any time and without delay. Already paid subscription fees no longer need to be paid back to the affected users. The registration information must be kept confidential by the user and thus protect against misuse by third parties. A designation made by third parties, misuse of the registry is to notify the affected user time jump.


The user-uploaded content (routes, photos, data to person and equipment) are stored by time hopping and may not be disclosed to third parties under the following conditions: If government regulations require it, if it is necessary to comply with an obligation of the legislature, if follow a specific arrangement (court order o. ä.).

For the provision of routes, two variants are possible:

Recording with GPS receivers or smartphone without using the PowerTraxx app: User-uploaded routes (files) can be downloaded at any time via a data export again - because PowerTraxx routes but compressed stores, this corresponds to Download no longer 100% the original, deviations are therefore to be expected. Securing the originals (files) is purely the responsibility of the user.

Records smartphone using the PowerTraxx app:

The recording will be uploaded directly into the portal PowerTraxx in sync. A backup of the data is possible only through the export of data provided by PowerTraxx that is provided in a standardized format (GPX). This PowerTraxx grants the user the ability to analyze the recorded data with the app in software environments third parties and use. The regular practice of this assurance, however, is also the sole responsibility of the user, the time jump accepts no responsibility for any loss of data. Zeitsprung in addition, shall coupling ratios (no track records) with equipment properties and anonymous form without a connection to the identity of the user, pass for evaluation to a third party. By uploading content, the user declares that he has full rights to that content. Zeitsprung accepts no responsibility for rights violations, if the user does not comply with this agreement. The user agrees, moreover, prepared not to upload illegal content (eg. As violent, pornographic, racist, libelous representations o. Ä.) Zeitsprung accepts no responsibility for the security of data - this is solely responsible conduct by the user. This applies equally to media and training sessions.

friend requests within PowerTraxx

PowerTraxx allows linking with friends, ie users of PowerTraxx whose friendship request has deliberately been confirmed. For a group of friends formed within PowerTraxx. Upon confirmation of a friendship request the user's responsibility to know the identity of the friend. PowerTraxx makes no guarantees when it comes to the release of personal information to third parties due to counterfeit, personal data.

Privacy Policy

Apply the contents of which are available at www.powertraxx.de/privacy.

Violations of Terms and Conditions

Time warp reserves the right to delete all violations of these conditions account and user data concerned.

right of withdrawal

The user can withdraw within 14 days from the concluded contract - ausreihend this is a written notification of time hopping (as EMail to info@powertraxx.de).

Warranty and Liability

Constant availability of the platform is not guaranteed by the time leap, nor the accuracy of the system can be guaranteed. Zeitsprung accepts no responsibility for the access to uploaded data to the extent it applies to Internet connections and services of third parties. The use of the calculated PowerTraxx figures, analysis and data exports offered is at the user's own risk. Some calculations are subject to special smoothing filters (eg., Advancement in meters above sea level), for which no guarantee can be made. This is especially true for the comparison with the calculation results of other portals - deployed by PowerTraxx filtering of data is a compromise on many devices and manufacturers of time, which may cause deviations in individual cases. Zeitsprung accepts no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the use of the calculated PowerTraxx information.

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