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Basic functions
Upload trails
Formats: FIT, GPX, HRM, TCX, KML (more i.v)
Explorer view
Track previews
Map display (interactive)
Height: rise, descend
Total time, time in motion, pause
Height Chart
Basic key figures
Integration of photos
Waypoint Operations
GPX Export
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Calendar View
Odometer (depending on equipment)
Analysis Tools
Calorie consumption
History speed
History heart rate
History cadence
Weather data
Weather data integrated into power calculation
Find similar tracks
Track Comparison
Segment calculation, presentation
Performance measured / calculated
Scaled Power
max. Power 20 min.
TS (Training Stress)
Power to Weight Ratio
stored segments / editor
Track Analysis / Similar Tracks
Segment analysis
FTP (personal threshold aerobic / anaerobic)
Tools for estimating FTP
Intensity (INT)
Stress (TS)
ATL, CTL (strain 7/42 days)
TSB (Training Stress Balance)